Active Member Committee 2016 v3While a total of nearly 80 countries worldwide have introduced rotavirus vaccines into their national immunization program, over 90 million infants still lack access—70% of the world’s infants. The ROTA Council recognizes the urgency of the task of rolling out rotavirus vaccine so that all the world’s children are protected.

Since the ROTA Council’s establishment in 2011, we have grown to include a robust group of over 20 experts from more than 15 countries, including all WHO regions. We are very grateful for the participation of members in the ROTA Council. To further enhance the effectiveness of the ROTA Council, we launched an “Active Member Committee,” or Council members that sign on a one-year commitment to advance the introduction or rotavirus vaccines in several concrete ways. Their commitments for 2016 include leading technical briefings with decision makers in countries that have not yet introduced rotavirus vaccines, engaging civil society organizations to strengthen advocacy, and writing opinion editorials in influential news media outlets.

The 2016 Active Member Committee includes: Kathy Neuzil (USA), Alexandre Linhares (Brazil) Julie Bines (Australia), George Armah (Ghana), Lulu Bravo (Philippines), Nigel Cunliffe (United Kingdom), Zulkifli Ismail (Malaysia), Tony Nelson (Hong Kong), as well as the Council’s core partners and chair: Deb Atherly, Duncan Steele, Umesh Parashar, and Mathu Santosham.