What Countries Can Do About Rotavirus

Prioritize the introduction of rotavirus vaccines.

Countries that have introduced rotavirus vaccines have experienced major reductions in severe diarrhea, highlighting the tremendous potential of these vaccines to improve child health and save lives. Rotavirus vaccines have been proven safe and effective and are a cost-effective intervention for developing countries to prioritize now.

Fight diarrhea with every tool available.

Include rotavirus vaccination in a comprehensive approach to protecting children from diarrheal disease. Diarrhea can be prevented by improving hygiene and sanitation, providing safe drinking water,  exclusive breastfeeding and vaccines. It can be treated with oral rehydration solution and zinc supplementation.

Invest in your health system.

The saying goes that a nation is only as strong as its health system—and health systems require innovation and investment to thrive. Systems with appropriate funding, staff, communication, supplies and equipment are best positioned to deliver the lifesaving protection of vaccines to children, fight poverty and foster development.

Spread the word to communities and families.

Vaccines provide the best form of protection against rotavirus and other deadly childhood diseases, yet parents can’t take advantage of these lifesaving interventions if they don’t know they exist. Ensure that leaders in your community amplify the benefits and importance of childhood vaccines.