Dear ROTA Council members, partners, and supporters,

Congratulations to Julie Bines, the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, and the Sabin Vaccine Institute for organizing an effective and engaging International Rotavirus Symposium in Melbourne for over 350 people from more than 55 countries.

In conjunction with the symposium, the ROTA Council hosted an advocacy workshop, Engaging New Advocates To Accelerate Access To Rotavirus Vaccines For Children In The Asia Pacific Region. Over 20 specialists and government leaders from Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Mongolia, Pakistan, and the Philippines discussed strategies to improve access to rotavirus vaccine for children in Asia through advocacy and communication.

The symposium showed that we may be at a tipping point. We have vaccines that work—just look at their impact across Africa, as our new factsheet (see below) highlights—ready financing from Gavi for low-income countries, and a growing pipeline of new vaccine products.

Two of the Council’s focus countries, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bangladesh, have recently submitted Gavi applications to introduce rotavirus vaccines. And Pakistan plans to start using the vaccine within months in its Punjab province—home to over 100 million people—with a subsequent national rollout.

Thanks to the Council and allies for the work you do to expand access to life-saving rotavirus vaccines for children around the world.


Mathu Santosham
Chair, ROTA Council


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