Global Introduction Status

To date, 98 countries have introduced rotavirus vaccines. This includes 92 national introductions, and 6 sub-national introductions.

The impact of vaccines on severe rotavirus and all-cause diarrhea has been dramatic in countries that have introduced the vaccine.

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Of the 10 countries with the greatest number of rotavirus-related deaths in 2017, four—Chad, Indonesia, Niger, and Nigeria—have yet to introduce rotavirus vaccines—.1 Several high-burden countries plan to roll out the vaccine, with Gavi co-financing support, in the next few years.

As of April 2020, 107 countries have introduced rotavirus vaccines.

Current Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction Map


Fewer than 1 in 2 children worldwide have access to rotavirus vaccines

Photo by Quarmyne/UNICEF


41% of all children—over 55 million infants—lack access to rotavirus vaccines

Regional Introduction Status

More than 70% of countries in sub-Saharan Africa have introduced rotavirus vaccines. But because rotavirus disease burden is so high in this region—more than half of all rotavirus deaths occur in African countries—it is critical that the remaining countries introduce vaccines to protect their children from rotavirus.2

In Asia, only few countries have introduced the vaccine nationally or sub-nationally. There is an urgent need for action in that region.

To date, 45 countries eligible for vaccine introduction support from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, have introduced the vaccine nationally.4

Proportion of Countries with Rotavirus Vaccine in each WHO Region (2018)

  • Africa 74% 74%
  • Americas 54% 54%
  • Eastern Mediterranean 62% 62%
  • Europe 36% 36%
  • South-East Asia 18% 18%
  • Western Pacific 30% 30%
For more information, check out the Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction and Coverage brief.

VIEW-hub Data Visualization Tool for Rotavirus Vaccines

More data and maps on country introduction status for rotavirus vaccines are available at, a publicly-accessible data visualization platform.

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